Cowboy Fast Draw

Cowboy Fast Draw is one of the “fastest AND fastest growing” Cowboy Shooting Sports in the world. It is a timed sport where participants with a Spirit and Love of the “OLD WEST” dress in 1800’s period clothing and compete with .45 caliber western style single action pistols.

There is nothing quite like standing on the shooting line with another Cowboy or Cowgirl, sixgun strapped on your hip, waiting on the light. You hear the command, “Shooters on the line”… “Shooters”… “Set”… then… BANG!!! What a RUSH!!

You just spent one of the fastest, adrenaline packed seconds of time you’ll ever experience! During that second, you drew your pistol, cocked the hammer, pointed it at a 2 feet in diameter round target 15 to 21 feet away, and fired a WAX bullet in hopes of hitting the target while beating the time of your opponent! In most events, the winner is the Gunfighter who hit the target with the fastest 3 out of 5 shots. The loser gets an “X” and the winners go on to the next contestant. Once an opponent gets three “X’s”, they are out of the competition. This continues till the last Cowboy and Cowgirl are standing!!

We play and compete while following the rules of the Cowboy Fast Draw Association. For more details on the CFDA, it rules, equipment guidelines, or for just more Cowboy Fast Draw info, go to

Come and shoot with us!! You’ll not only enjoy and be part of one of the most fun, exciting, adrenaline filled shooting sports, but you’ll also be spending time with some of the finest Cowboy and Cowgirls around! AND… you’ll be doing all this in one of the most beautiful areas of the country, the Blue Ridge Mountains of southwest Virginia! Also… at one of the most beautiful and nicest shooting ranges east of the Mississippi… The Roanoke Rifle and Revolver Club

For more info on Old Dominion Cowboy Fast Draw, feel free to contact:

Jeff Duncan aka Ringo at 540-819-1697 or